Misheard 80s Lyrics: 'Your Own Personal Pizzas'

Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" is full of lyrics waiting to be misheard. But despite the lyrical butchering it's taken over the years, this 1989 song has been voted as one of the top 500 songs of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. 
I've definitely heard some of these from friends. Others I found online from sites like KissThisGuy.Com and AmiRight.Com (which are great sites by the way.)

Here's a list of misheard lyrics:

"Your own personal Jesus"
Your own personal pizzas 
You moan personal Cheese-Its 
Your own versatile cheeses

"Reach out and touch faith" 
Reach out and suck face
Reach out and touch Frank
Reach out and touch Dave
Reach out and touch base
Reach out and touch me 
Creatures...from space

Leave a comment if you've heard others from this song!

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