80s Timeworn Twelves: 'Look of Love'

ABC "Look of Love" (1982)

ABC cracked the top 25 on the US charts five times between 1982-87. The British band's first single "Poison Arrow" was an international hit in 1982. The follow up "Look Of Love" was an even bigger hit, charting in the top 20 in twelve different countries.

The "Look of Love" single was released in four parts, all available on one 12" record in the UK and most countries. Part 1 was the album version, Part 2 was an instrumental version, Part 3 was a vocal remix and Part 4 was a short acoustic instrumental. The US 12" single did not contain all four parts, but rather a 7 1/2 minute "USA Remix" produced by Trevor Horn and the Part 3 vocal remix. In 1990, a new remix of the song by Paul O'Duffy was released without approval from the band's members.

Thanks to Discogs.Com and Wikipedia for art and record info.

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