Battle of the 80s Movie Star One Hit Wonders!

Movie Star One Hit Wonders

It's time for a celebrity death match! It wasn't enough that these mega Hollywood stars dominated movie and television screens...they had to take a crack at music career. Well, it was a good thing they didn't quit their day jobs as these four inspiring artists managed just one hit. But which was the best? I'm asking for your help in determining which of these wannabe rock stars was the best? Vote in the poll on the Rediscover the 80s homepage this week and come back to see who wins.  Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Don Johnson "Heartbeat"
This Miami Vice heart throb reached #5 on the US Billboard in 1986 with "Heartbeat." He attracted a few famous musicians to help him out with the album. Willie Nelson sings backup on the album track "Star Tonight." Tom Petty and Bob Seger both wrote songs on the album and guitarists Stevie Ray Vaughn and Ron Wood also are credited as album musicians. "Heartbeat" is also listed as #58 on VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 80s.

Bruce Willis "Respect Yourself"
Before Willis hit it big on the silver screen with Die Hard in 1988, the Moonlighting star entered the top 5 on the US Billboard chart in 1987 with "Respect Yourself." The single was taken from his nostalgic R&B album The Return of Bruno, which featured Motown cover songs. #38 on VH1's list, "Respect Yourself" was one of three singles that would be released. Although the other two singles would not fair well in the US, "Under The Boardwalk" reached #2 in the UK and became the 12th best selling single in 1987.

Eddie Murphy "Party All The Time"
The highest charting single of the four selections in this post, "Party All The Time" reached #2 on the US Billboard Chart in 1985. The song was written and produced by Rick James and recorded at his studio in Buffalo, NY. VH1's ranking is #80 on their 80s one-hit wonder list, but on the opposite end, AOL Music lists the song as #36 on their 100 Worst Songs Ever list.

Patrick Swayze "She's Like the Wind" 
The Dirty Dancing actor reached #3 on the US Billboard Chart in 1987. Swayze also co-wrote the song which was actually intended for a film titled Grandview, U.S.A. After it didn't make it in the movie, Swayze played it for Dirty Dancing producers and they loved it. The single also benefited from the soundtrack being #1 on the charts for 19 straight weeks.


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  1. As bad as it is, I will always be partial to Eddie's "Party All the Time".

    Not really the same level of stars, but a couple actors (albeit on soap operas)who had some pop chart success include:
    Michael Damian "Rock On"
    Jack Wagner "All I Need"

  2. Proud to say I'm Don Johnson's only vote at this point.

    How can that video be denied? :D

    1. Not the only one, three votes in the poll. That video is pure 80s it!


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