Recurrent Events Update: Netflix Announces 'Voltron' Season 3, Transformers Monopoly, BTTF Hoverboards Up For Auction

Welcome to the Recurrent Events weekly news update for retro pop culture headlines, links, videos, and more! First, I wanted to officially welcome Will Kay as a RD80s staff writer! Will has already written a handful of articles with his latest being a Recap Of CNN’s 'The Eighties' Miniseries on Netflix. Looking forward to sharing more of his articles with RD80s followers and also wanted to invite more writers/bloggers to reach out if you'd like to contribute to the website!

RD80s participated again with The 80s League this week on a fun #80sCrushes topic. I posted Five '80s Video Game Girls I Had Crushes On while others listed celebrities on their blogs and podcasts. Some really great contributions so click the aforementioned link to find all the great content. Wyatt and I might even do a Memory Jogger podcast soon on the topic as a late entry.

Also wanted to give a quick mention that Wyatt and I are planning to attend Retro Con 2017 in the fall and will be actively sharing news and announcements throughout the year leading up to the show. It's early but we invite everyone to join us in Oaks, PA for a great time. We're hoping to have some promotional items on hand to give out to RD80s followers and would love to meet some of you who we've interacted with over the years.

Here's are some RD80s articles posted this week in case you missed them:

Ever wonder what R2-D2 was actually saying in Star Wars: A New Hope? Me too! Thanks to the Laughing Squid this week, I stumbled onto this fun video which inserts dialogue instead of beeps into the all R2's scenes from the film...

Video of the Week

Here are your Recurrent Events links for Feb 25, 2017!

Free General Mills Retro Cereal tee! - Yello80s
The Dragons of D&D by Jason Thompson - Killer Kitsch
These '80s-Era Classic Cars Are Worth Investing In Now -
Goodbye, Old Video Store. - Dinosaur Dracula
The 15 Most Useless Transformers - CBR
37 Childhood Things You'll Only Know If You're Over 30 - BuzzFeed Rewind

Transformers Monopoly Is a Work of Art You Can Actually Hang on a Wall - Gozmodo
BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA’s Jack Burton Swaggers in as a Sideshow Toy - Nerdist
He-Man / ThunderCats comic original artwork for sale - He-Man.Org
NYTF17 - Playmobile Ghostbusters Product Display - Toy News International
Masters of the Universe Super7 detailed walk-through at Toy Fair 2017 by Pixel Dan - He-Man.Org
The Power of the Dark Crystal #1 - CBR
Hasbro's 40th Anniversary Star Wars Figures Are an Amazing Throwback - io9

Got a link or know any active retro pop culture blogs/websites that are worth including with the Recurrent Events? Leave a comment so I can add it to the mix! If you missed last week's news update, visit the Recurrent Events archive.

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