Retro Top Ten: Dan Quayle Pickup Lines

From the home office in Sioux City Iowa...

Dan Quayle's Top Ten Pickup Lines

10. Didn't we almost flunk out of school together?
9.   How about a drink with a historical footnote?
8.   I sure would have gone to Vietnam if the Cong looked like you.
7.   Can my father buy you a drink?
6.   You could close your eyes and pretend I'm Jack Kemp
5.   I think I saw Elvis last week at the Stuckey's on the interstate.
4.   Look! I've got a bunch of balloons with my name on them.
3.   A girl like you could help a guy forget the irreparable damage he's done to the Republican party.
2.   I'll be Vice President after we beat Dukakis and Lloyd Bridges
1. Why, yes, I'm Pat Sajak.

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