Madballs Has Its Own Website!

Madballs Has Its Own Website!

I'm always fascinated to find stuff from my childhood that is still alive and kicking. Madballs were very much a part of this little leaguer's playtime back in the '80s. If you remember, Madballs were the small rubber balls that had the gross-out faces on the front.

If you played baseball like me or just loved a good bouncy ball from time to time, they were great. I also remember having small plastics versions of Madballs that were fun with a wiffle ball bat. Anyway, as I was net surfing recently I somehow came across the Madballs.Com website! First of all, I was stunned that an official site existed and then my second thought was "Wow! They are still being produced!" The home page features the 12 redesigned characters from the classic series that were released in 2007-08 (which are awesome.) Each one is clickable and features a close up pic and fun description of of their origin and habits. If your desktop needs a new look, check out the downloads page which features five different wallpapers. And then, the best part of the website...flash games! The Madballs site offers 9 different flash games that feature the classic characters in action! Here is a list and quick description of each game:
  • Freakshow Football: Pass, kick, and catch Madballs with three mini football games featuring Freaky Fullback.
  • Gross Off: An old-fashion backyard slime fest. Try to cover the entire yard in your color slime before your rival does.
  • Madlaps: A Pole Position-esque racing game featuring racecars based on four characters.
  • Pirate Blunder: Use a cannon to fire Madballs at pirates and other objects to earn treasure.
  • Putrid Pile-Up: Stack as many Madballs as you can on the skateboard before they go splat.
  • Rotten Roll: The most disgusting game of skee-ball you'll ever play.
  • Slingin' Slime Ball: Fire Madballs at as many cute and fuzzy targets as you can!
  • Strike Zone Zombies: Use the Screamin' Meanie Madball to pitch to throw as many strike as you can to the zombie batter and various targets.
  • Sumo Slam: A sumo style showdown between two Madballs.
Check out Madballs.Com for some great nostalgic gross-out fun!

Images courtesy Madballs.Com

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