The Weekly Links: Interviews, WWF Themes, Motley Crue Farewell

Found some great stories this week including another embarrassing '80s commercial, catching up with a couple '80s celebs, a real life Biff Tannen, and what could be the greatest NES collection of all-time. Enjoy!


Jeff Daniels Pepto Bismol Commercial - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
 - After there was a run on Brian Cranston commercials from the '80s in the past couple weeks, Jay Leno follows up with a dandy to embarrass Jeff Daniels with.

 - Remember when tan colored M&Ms were a part of every bag? Linz at Pop Rewind does and petitions that it's a fine time for them to make a comeback!
Back to the 80s: Interview with Liane Curtis from Sixteen Candles - Kickin' it Old School
 - Old School Tim catches up with Molly Ringwald's best friend "Randy" from Sixteen Candles. Learn how Liane Curtis got into the biz and what she's been doing lately.

Like Totally 80s Interviews John Waite - Like Totally 80s
 - Here's another great interview from the LT80s crew with Bad English frontman and solo artist John Waite. He delves into big hair, #1 hits, and a new album.

The 25 Best '80s Pro Wrestling Themes Ever - Phoenix New Times
 - Were you a fan of WWF wrestling in the '80s? (Who wasn't!) Well, check out this extensive list of the best entrance music from Hulk Hogan to Ted DeBiase.
Forgotten Celebrity Friendships Of The '80s - Huffington Post
 - I'm not sure most of these people were "friends." I can't image Charlie Sheen and Betty White hanging out, but this is one of the more interesting photo collages I've seen in awhile.

Don't Text and Drive Because You Might Crash into a Manure Truck - Gizmodo
 - That's right, I real life Biff Tannen. Dude did a little too much texting while driving and found himself tethered to a trailer full of liquid manure.

Mötley Crüe Has Farewell Tour Mapped Out - Billboard
 - The Crue is saying farewell next year, but don't be discouraged. Vince Neil says that besides the world tour, there might be some new music to accompany a documentary film currently in production.
The Greatest NES Collection Of All-Time - ThisIsAnotherCastle
 - Think your NES collection is big? You ain't seen nothing to you've seen this collection.

Pica Pic Website Offers Free-To-Play Classic Handheld Games!
 - If you haven't wasted 30 minutes at work lately, check out this site I found recently that allows you play 25 classic handheld games. You remember, those ones with the black and grey screen that when you pushed on them, you could see all the game action...

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  1. Thanks, as always, for including a link to my latest interview. Always appreciated! Fine work.

  2. Oh, how I love lists! It was a bit sad to read about Motley Crue preparing for their farewell tour. You know your old when your favorite bands are retiring, lol. Hopefully, I'll get to see them again. Heading back to check out the other sites.


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