Weekend Bargain Bin: To Amazon And Beyond!

Hello bargain hunters! Amazon gave us some awesome daily deals this week on TV & movie collections. Hope you were able to take advantage of those when I posted to RD80s social media. You might have noticed I dropped the Amazon in the title of this post. I decided to go a little beyond Amazon this week and searched a few other sites which turned up some T-Shirt deals and random stuff! RD80s has become an official affiliate of 80stees.Com which seemed like a natural fit! You'll be seeing some banner links in posts to help re-generate my giveaway revenue. Plus, I'll be posting some of the available clearance items here. Sizes are limited on most clearance items, so click over and see if any are in your size. I've kept a few items from last week, some of which dropped their price! (Prices listed as of 8/17/13.)

Amazon Prime
This is the FINAL WEEK to sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial and get the bonus $10 gift card. For $79/year, you get FREE 2-day shipping w/ no minimum order, unlimited Amazon streaming, and one free Kindle book to borrow each month. Compared to Netflix, it's about $1.50 cheaper per month plus you get the shipping and eBook add-ons. AND if that wasn't enough, sign up for an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial before August 25, 2013 and if you purchase the service after your trial, you'll earn a bonus $10 Gift Card! Here's a link to the offer: Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial Plus $10 Gift Card

Blu-ray & Blu-ray Combo Packs
When Harry Met Sally [Blu-ray] $6.99
Labyrinth [Blu-ray] $7.99
The Karate Kid [Blu-ray] $7.99
See No Evil, Hear No Evil [Blu-ray] $7.99
Sixteen Candles [Blu-ray + Digital Copy + UltraViolet] $7.99
The Last Starfighter [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] $8.99
The Secret of NIMH [Blu-ray] $9.49
Out of Africa [Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy] $11.75
Field of Dreams [Blu-ray + DVD] $11.99
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet] $14.99
Back to the Future Trilogy [Blu-ray] $22.75
Mad Max Trilogy [Blu-ray] $34.86
Terminator Anthology (4 Movies) [Blu-ray] $42.49

DVD & DVD Collections
The Shining $3.99
Spaceballs $4.99
Splash (20th Anniversary Edition) $4.99
Armed & Dangerous $4.99
Tom Hanks Collection (The Money Pit/The Burbs/Dragnet) $5
An American Tail Double Feature $5
Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors: Volume 1 $6.49 (Volume 2 SAME PRICE!)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series $6.97
Psycho II / III / IV-The Beginning (Triple Feature) $6.99
SilverHawks, Vol. 1 $7.79
The Great Outdoors / Uncle Buck Double Feature $7.99
Footloose / Flashdance (Double Feature) $8.24
Pee-wee's Playhouse #2 - Seasons 3-5 $8.99
Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy Collection $11.36
Bravestarr - The Complete Series - 65 Episode Collection $13.70
The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series $57.49


Duran Duran - Greatest $5
The Police: Every Breath You Take The Classics $5
Footloose Soundtrack (15th Anniversary Collectors' Edition) $5
Boston - Third Stage $5
Alabama - Ultimate 20 # 1 Hits $5
Eurythmics: Ultimate Collection $5.99
Dirty Dancing Soundtrack $5.99

Books (Kindle & Paperback)
Superman DC Comics (1987-2006) #1 FREE!
Acceptable In The Eighties $.99 (Borrow Free on Prime)
Arcadian: The Great Arcade Games of the 80s $.99
ANESthetized $.99
IGN Presents the History of The Legend of Zelda $1.99
49 Mix Tapes $1.99
The Eighties: A Bitchen Time To Be a Teenager! $2.99 (Borrow Free on Prime)
I Love The 80s $2.99
Neon 80s: Memories of a Luminous Decade $2.99
Invading Spaces: A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Arcade Games $2.99
Valley Girl: Childhood in the 80's $5.99
Garbage Pail Kids $9.99
VJ: The Unplugged Adventures of MTV's First Wave $10.67
Totally Tubular '80s Toys $14.99 (Borrow Free on Prime)
Collecting for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace (paperback) $20.78
Marvel Firsts: The 1980s Volume 1 (Paperback) $26.59

Clearance T-Shirts at 80stees.Com
Decepticon Bling Shirt $6.99
Voltron Shirt $9.99
Mumm-Ra Shirt $9.99
Decepticon Logo Shirt $9.99
Cobra Commander Shirt & Mask $9.99
Princess Bride Fezzik Shirt $9.99
Raging Bull Shirt $9.99

Random '80s Stuff
Back To The Future - Movie Poster (Regular Style, Size: 24" x 36") $2.40 - Amazon
Smurf Key Caps $4.99 - Vat19.com
Tetris Card Game $7.99 - Calendars.com
Leg Lamp Window Poster $9.99 - 80stees.Com
Tetris Pattern Heat Sensitive Color-changing Mug (Black) $12.20 - HooGo INC
Garbage Pail Kids 2014 Wall Calendar $14.99 - Calendars.com
Back to the Future: Part II: Marty McFly Cap Replica $24.99 - Amazon
Mattel Back to the Future Hoverboard $125.99 - Amazon

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