The Weekly Links: ColecoVision Comeback, Beetlejuice 2, 'Coreyography', Thanks Lou

Sometimes I'm asked what qualifications I have to dish out weekly links about recent '80s era news. So for future reference, here are my qualifications:
  • I attended Juilliard. 
  • I'm a graduate of the Harvard business school. 
  • I travel quite extensively. 
  • I lived through the Black Plague and had a pretty good time during that. 
  • I've seen the Exorcist about a hundred and sixty seven times and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it! 
  • Not to mention the fact that, you're talking to a dead guy. 
Now what do you think??!! You think I'm qualified to post The Weekly Links?
Tim Burton to Direct 'Beetlejuice 2': Report - Rolling Stone
 - So as you can tell, I'm actually excited about this report that the Beetlejuice gang might do a sequel. I think Keaton could pull it off again (with lots of make-up.)

Space Invaders creator wanted to make it easier, regrets promotion - Polygon
 - Though I respect its place in arcade history, I wasn't really a Space Invaders fan. I can't speak to its difficulty, but I can tell you my experience had boredom setting in quicker than losing virtual lives.

ColecoVision - Kickstarter
 - One game I definitely didn't get bored with was Zaxxon which is trying to make a comeback as a part of a new ColecoVision app. Although the goal seems a bit unreachable on Kickstarter, having anything official from 8-bit childhood would be great!  

Ohio State Marching Band "Michael Jackson Tribute" - OSUBuckeyeTV on Youtube
 - As a Penn State fan, it pains me to post this video, but it had to be done. If you see a video of me doing the moonwalk next week, it'll be because my Nittany Lions put an end to their winning streak this week.

27 Actors Who Got Their Starts on Miami Vice - Mental Floss
 - I definitely don't agree with the title of 'Actors Who Got Their Start.' Many listed were already established stars, but it is still a fun list to scroll through. I still enjoy watching episodes on occasion too.

Back to the 80s: Interview with Tom Scott, saxophonist, composer & more - Kickin' it Old School
 - Want the inside scoop on the co-writer of the Family Ties theme "Without Us?" Check out this week's KIOS interview with Grammy winner and saxophonist to A-list music artists Tom Scott.

I measure my years in Coreys… - Branded In The 80s
 - Shawn got his hands on a prereleased copy of Corey Feldman's new memoir (released date Oct 29, 2013) and tells us if it belongs in a treasure chest or tossed down a well.

'X-Files' to Cross Over With 'Ghostbusters, 'Transformers,' More - Hollywood Reporter
 - I never watched much of the X-Files but when you bring back '80s properties in a comic book as urban have my undivided attention.

'Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation' to be made into two movies - Yahoo! Movies
 - I've honestly never seen the famous shot-for-shot remake of the Indiana Jones masterpiece, but it sounds like a real movie based on the book about the remake of the original film is in works. (confused?)

While we are on a book kick, author Jeff Tompkins sent me an email recently to pass the word about getting 49 Mix Tapes for FREE! October 23-24 only you can download this '80s novel through the Amazon Kindle store! I enjoyed reading the book last year and would recommend it to anyone who wants teleported back to the '80s in convenient book form. 

R.I.P. Lou Scheimer
I hate to end this week's links on a somber note, but thought I'd pay my respects to Filmation co-founder Lou Scheimer. Thanks to Lou (and others,) we '80s kids grew up with He-Man, She-Ra, BraveStarr, Fat Albert, and the original Ghostbusters. He was a pioneer in first-run syndication and kid's shows based on toys (previously prohibited by the FCC.) But he wasn't just a producer as he contributed voice talent to MOTU characters like Orko, King Randor, and Stratos. 

Lou passed away this week after a battle with Parkinson's disease. Here are several sites that posted heartfelt tributes recently...

Thank you, Lou.

Check out this documentary behind the origins of He-Man in which Lou and others explain how the animated icon became their greatest success...

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  1. Another awesome week of links!!! (And I don't want it to go without saying thanks for including my interview.) Thanks for doing what you do.


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