Watch Some Of Your Favorite '80s Halloween Specials And Episodes On YouTube!

All Hallow's Eve is slowly creeping upon us and it's time once again to rediscover all of the Halloween TV specials, episodes, and movies we watched in the '80s! My favorite has always been "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" but several other TV shows and cartoons also produced new Halloween specials in the '80s.

To get you in the Halloween mood, I've revamped the '80s Halloween TV Specials, Episodes, & Movies playlist on the RD80s YouTube channel! Each year, I try to add new content while weeding out the videos that have been deleted from YouTube.

Include in this year's list are cartoon episodes from The Real Ghostbusters, The Littles, and The Berenstain Bears. TV specials include two Elvira MTV Halloween specials, "Disney's Monster Hits" and "Dr. Demento's Halloween Special." TV show episodes include You Can't Do That On Television, Mr. Belvedere, Facts of Life, Kate & AllieFun House, and WWF Primetime Wrestling. Movies include The Munster's RevengeThe Worst Witch and Dark Night of the Scarecrow. Also included are a montage of '80s Halloween commercials, a 1985 Halloween safety video, and two Halloween appearance of Pee-Wee Herman on Late Night with David Letterman.

Have a spooky halloween season!