Everything You Need To Throw An Epic ‘80s Themed Party

1980’s parties are the most popular and entertaining parties with packs full of nostalgia. They are attracting many people all over the world because ‘80s parties were full of art. Back in the 1980’s people enjoyed with enthusiasm with zero chaos that made the parties awesome and beautiful. Many people want to throw an ‘80s themed party, but they are confused about what to do to make it fun and feel the moment.

Having so many questions like, what do I need to throw the party? And how do I make it successful? Without failing the guests. Some of the fundamental things one needs to have to throw an epic and successful ‘80s themed party are explained below.

‘80s Themed Decorations

This is one of the essential themes to a perfect ‘80s party. With a superb rocking 80’s decoration, this sets the mood for your party and make your guest feel like they walked straight into 80’s era again. There are so many innovative ideas to make your decoration perfect. Before you decorate your home, do some research and check for unique designs relevant to the ‘80s decades. First of all, you need to clean the house and remove all the objects and things of the modern era. The cleaning needs experts in their work not to leave any mistake behind, experts like Jim's Cleaning Services in Australia will be able to help you out with that.

After cleaning the house, you can continue to decorate the home by dressing the walls with posters with dramatic colors of the '80s. Consider using neon colors, animal prints, and black and white geometric patterns in some decorations. You might also hang objects and shapes like squares, circles, and triangles cut from neon objects. Another decoration of the ’80s is the Rubik's cube favor boxes. But one can get some ideas watching ’80s films and parties that took place.

Totally ‘80s Dress Code

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The dress code is mandatory for any ‘80s themed party because it brings back the style and the mood of the decades. The host should ask the guest to wear their favorite ‘80s creations. In the shops there are many 80’s outfits still on the market, you have to choose what fits you and have astonishing fashion trends of the decades. While you invite everyone, you should give them ideas on the 80’s fashion to choose like faded denim, fingerless gloves, jumpsuits, leg warmers, miniskirts, and mullets for men.

Rad ’80s Music

Throwing ‘80s themed party, you need to have a good DJ or put together an awesome ‘80s classic playlist. Music brings back the mood of the 1980s, making the party alive. You must make sure you include some of the hits from the famous music icons that ruled this decade. Some of the renowned music icons are Michael Jackson, Madonna, Tiffany, Aerosmith, and more. Also, it is important to add some of the guest’s favorite ‘80s songs to the playlist to get everyone involved in the fun.

Food and drinks

When throwing a themed party, it is important to make sure even the drinks you serve to the guests are iconic from the era. It is essential to pick recognizable food hits from the era like slice soda, giggles cookies, Prawn cocktails, Squeezits, and many more that are still available today.

Iconic '80s Games and Movies

It would be perfect if you made sure before throwing an ‘80s themed party. It would be best if you had suitable games and movies from the era that everybody can entertain themselves. Many people love party games. This makes them remember the moment they had. Some of the 1980’s games are buckaroo and lay-out twister. And some of the iconic movies of this era were E.T., Beetlejuice, The Goonies, and many more. You can take the fun further by introducing prizes to the winners with more points.


To have a successful ‘80s themed party, you must have everything in place that is needed to make the party alive and memorable. Fundamentals like decoration, dress code, ‘80s food and drinks, music, and games are the primary things needed to throw an epic 1980’s themed party. In the future, the throwing of ‘80s themed parties will expand tremendously because it is absolutely fun and entertaining.

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