The Best Virtual Arcade Video Ever Created

I had seen the above image several times over the past couple years via Google image searches and finally decided to persue where exactly it came from. Well, after visiting the website shown at the bottom of the image, I was pleased to find it came from a video! Turns out I'm pretty late to this virtual arcade that was created in 2001 by Dave Dries, but that doesn't mean I can't express my appreciation.

Arcade '84 epitomizes everything I remember about the arcade gaming experience in the '80s...darkened room, neon lights, wall-to-wall carpeting with a crazy pattern, and electronics sounds. This video truly is like stepping into 1984 with a pocket full of quarters. Here is Dave's own description of the video from his website:
Arcade '84 is my attempt at recreating the atmosphere of the classic arcades. It's a 3-minute+ trip through an imaginary arcade circa 1984 entirely rendered in 3D computer graphics. The arcade is filled with more than 30 unique games presented in their original cabinets and decorated with their original artwork and animated game graphics. Video games, laser disc games, pinball games, crane games and even change machines are all included. A video wall in the rear of the room displays actual clips of music videos from Van Halen, Michael Jackson, Blondie, Devo and more. Actual game sound effects can be heard from all corners of the room while Journey's "Stone in Love" is playing on the radio over the arcade's audio system. Across the hall from the arcade is a record store displaying popular album covers in the window and a movie theater is showing "The Empire Strikes Back" and the first popular movie to feature computer graphics, "Tron."

In my experience, this is best virtual arcade I've seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Visit the Arcade '84 page on for more info.

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