These Custom Atari 2600 Action Figures Need To Be Produced

For his 33rd birthday, Chicago toy collector Dan Polydoris gave himself a present of custom action figures based on Atari games. Using parts from old G.I. Joe figures and some custom cardbacks, five Activision characters from the 2600 era came to life. The characters include "Short Order Sam" from Pressure Cooker,  "Officer Kelly" from Keystone Kapers, "Pitfall Harry" from Pitfall, "Roderick Hero" from H.E.R.O., and "Frostbite Bailey" from Frostbite. Here are the five creations as displayed on Dan's website:
These figures are a fantastic idea. With Atari's livelihood in jeopardy over the past several years, I really think they should take note and go the next step beyond Hot Wheels cars. I would definitely collect them. Visit Dan's original blogpost to find out what Joe parts were used to make these custom figures.

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  1. The packaging on these are stellar!

  2. These are just too awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!