The Weekly Links: Christmas Story Facts, Mega Man Board Game, Naked Gun Reboot

It's time once again for your weekly cup of '80s cheer...The Weekly Links! One more week 'til Christmas, peeps! Hope everyone has their shopping near complete. If you don't and you have an '80s nut like me on your list, I'd suggest making a trip over to and check out their awesome shirts. I've had my eye on their selection of ugly sweaters for awhile now. Would love to walk into a Christmas party wearing this:
So there is a last minute suggestion for a fun gift this year. Now let's check out what's been going on this week in the '80s realm...

Winter is setting in… - Boulder-Hill.Net
 - I learned just today from my M.A.S.K. buddy Erik that the Cereal:Geek is now working for the official YouTube channel for He-Man. What that means is new content like "clips shows, trivia, top ten videos, never-before-seen footage, all-new episode commentaries, encyclopedic A-Z videos, animatics, and slideshows featuring episode development artwork." MOTU fans need to subscribe if you haven't already.

Petition Launched to Name Manhattan Corner 'Beastie Boys Square' - Billboard
 - So they've got their own park and now it sounds like they will get a square. Let's just save time and rename New York City to "Beastie Boys City."

Nirvana, Kiss, E Street Lead Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 2014 Class - Rolling Stone
 - Among the artists inducted include '80s icons Hall & Oates, Peter Gabriel (as a solo artist,) and Kiss. Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band will receive a musical excellence award.
This Video Will Change The Way You Watch "A Christmas Story" - Buzzfeed
 - A great video that crams many facts about the iconic 1982 film in under 3 minutes.

10 Things You Might Not Know about National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - UnderScoopFire!
 - While we are on facts about '80s Christmas movies, check out some you might not know about the Griswolds.

25 Awesome ’80s Toys You Never Got, But Can Totally Buy Today - Buzzfeed
 - These toys were hard to find around Christmas back in the day, but are a little more accessible (and affordable) now. Parents would've gone to war for a $20 Teddy Ruxpin in the '80s!

Mega Man™ The Board Game - Kickstarter
 - Funded three times over, this Mega Man board game looks awesome. Their stretch goal is to upgrade to full color playing pieces.

Back to the 80s: Mickey's Christmas Carol - Kickin' it Old School
 - "Mickey's Christmas Carol" turns 30 this year and Old School Tim did a nice write-up about it.

21 Things '80s Kids' Did That Would Horrify Us Now - The Stir
- Thought this was the article of the week. As a parent myself now, had to laugh at the difference between parents now and 30 years ago.
 - If you own a Wii U, the new NES Remix game package featuring Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Mario Brothers looks like a winner!

Nice Beaver: Ed Helms is the New Frank Drebin - Pajiba
 - It appears the Naked Gun is getting a reboot and Ed Helms of The Hangover trilogy has been selected as the new Frank Drebin. To me, this reboot has Get Smart written all over it. I'm a huge Leslie Neilsen fan and have a feeling this new movie will be added to my "will never watch in respect to the original" list.

 - Shawn's latest delve into identify random '80s object in movies takes us to Pee-Wee's house of nostalgia from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

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  1. In case I do not get another chance, I just wanted to wish you & your family an extra-awesome Merry Christmas and truly all the best in the coming new year. Thanks for another great year of 80s goodness! Us 80s dudes got to stick together.

    1. Same to you brother! As evidenced by these posts, I go to your site for '80s content on a weekly basis. Thanks for doing what you do! Best to you in the new year!

      We really need to find a way to collaborate more, with each other and other 80s fanaticals...

    2. Definitely!!! Always up for collaboration and reaching more 80s fans. Merry Christmas.

  2. I didn't think the new Get Smart was too bad. Naked Gun all hinges on if they get the best writing team. As has been proven time and again, you can't have the idiots that make crap like Epic Movie, etc. try to do something like Naked Gun/Airplane. They just don't know how to do it right.

    And if I don't communicate with ya again over the next week, have a great holiday!

    1. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you!

      I hated the Get Smart reboot. Had high hopes for it as I loved watching it on Nick at Nite as a kid. Did read that the Reno 911 guys are set to write the Naked Gun reboot. I guess that's good as far as cop comedy experience, but never liked Reno 911.

  3. I grew up about an hour south of Cleveland and some of the external shots of the school in Christmas Story are my elementary, unfortunately I went back for a visit earlier this year and the old part of the building (the part featured in the film) had been razed for a new parking lot. Still have not been to the museum but I hear its pretty neat.


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