10 More LEGO'd Movie Scenes from '80s Films

I've chronicled many awesome LEGO creations on this blog. I've really enjoyed finding some my favorite things from the '80s like TV & movie vehicles and playsets based on actual toys. I know it takes time and a creative mind from these brickmasters to put these mini masterpieces together.

I occasionally get sucked into searching for specific photos on Flickr. I previously found a handful of LEGO movie scenes and recently stumbled onto 10 more scenes from '80s films that were unbelieveably well done.

Artax and Atreyu in the Swamp of Sadness 
One of the most iconic scenes from the fantasy film The Neverending Story is captured beautifully in this LEGO scene. Carl also created the Falcor cover image which is also fantastic.

Say Anything
by Dan

I think the boombox was silver, but other than that, a fun recreation of one of the famous "In Your Eyes" scene from Say Anything.

by Shmails

"But this one goes to eleven." Nice rendition of the famous scene from This Is Spinal Tap.

by Shmails

This scene is rather simple, but easily recognizable as Daniel gets ready to land the crane kick on Johnny in Karate Kid.

by Shmails

Here is the scene where Elwood picks up Jake from Joliet prison in the beginning of The Blues Brothers.

by Shmails

Alex puts his droogs in their place from A Clockwork Orange.

by Shmails

Scene from Time Bandits where Kevin inadvertently helps King Agamemnon defeat a minotaur.

Movie Scenes [2010 MOC]
by Rook

Here is the famous scene from Empire Strikes Back where Lando Calrissan hands over Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca to Darth Vader.

Tony Montana's mansion gets raided from Scarface.

The famous battle cry from Red Dawn.

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