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Old Spice Ad Uses Huey Lewis Discography To Sell Hair Products

Thanks to a timely tweet by Martha Quinn yesterday, I stumbled across the most ridiculous advertising campaign to date. Old Spice has produced some crazy commercials in the past year including the "Mom Song" Superbowl ad that was a train wreck of weird.

Well, their recent ploy to sell hair products led to creating the ThatsThePowerOfHair.Com website. When visiting the site, a charming young man greets you along with lady friend and goes on to explain how Old Spice hair products has made his life better. In fact after using them, his hair has literally been sweet music to his ears. He claims his hair can perform a multitude of Huey Lewis tracks on a keyboard at our dispense. His hair then slowly walks off his head and over the keyboard to await your first request. Crazy, right?

Go to the website or use the portal below to see for yourself. Choose among 29 songs and you'll see the hair not only play the keyboard, but incorporate other instruments and lighting. But be quick about it or your hairless host can get a little feisty. For someone who is a Huey fan and easily amused like me, I had to watch them all.

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