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The Weekly Links: Dot Matrix Rocky III Theme, NES Little Golden Books, Knight Rider Movie Rumors

It's time once again to dish out The Weekly Links! My favorite discovery this week was the new Goonies and Back To The Future action figures I posted about on Monday. Can't wait to get a few of those in my collection. A few movies celebrated anniversaries this week included Footloose turning 30 and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure along with one of my personal faves The 'Burbs turning 25. I remember watching The 'Burbs in the theater and still quote it more than I realize to this day. Also turning 30 this week was the classic new wave album Into The Gap by the Thompson Twins. It would become their most successful album in their native UK (and the US) and produce the hits "Doctor! Doctor!" and "Hold Me Now."

The video of the week was an easy choice, even though technically this was more '90s than '80s. Our favorite ninja rapper and home improvement guru Vanilla Ice made a commercial to promote the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shapes for Kraft mac and cheese...

TWL Video of the Week
"Go Ninja, Go" - Kraftmacandcheese YouTube channel
Also check out the "behind the scenes" clip of the commercial

Was This The First Robot Ever Arrested? - Gizmodo
 - This was a fun story of an Ominbot-style robot being taken into custody by the Beverly Hills Police Department in 1982.

BUY ME TOYS! 4 Things I Want From ToyFair 2014 - Horror Movie Barbecue
 - Chad has his eye on some cool new ToyFair stuff including a KREO (LEGOish) Cobra Terrordrome and a new 30th anniversary Super Powers figure that is a nod to a 1989 Mexican knockoff.

"Eye of the tiger" on dot matrix printer - MIDIDesaster Vimeo channel
 - Since last week's TWL video of the week was floppy drives playing "Tainted Love," I figured this video of a dot matrix printer playing Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" would be a nice follow up. Credit to The Laughing Squid for calling to my attention.

Punch-Out!! arcade game introduced in 1984 - Kickin' it Old School
 - A great article on the 30th anniversary of the release of the pre-Tyson Punch-Out! arcade game.

 - We all remember reading Little Golden Books as kids. Well, an artist has given the classic look to recent prints featuring Nintendo video game characters!

Ultimate ’80s: Molly Ringwald Meets John Hughes - Do You Remember?
 - To commemorate their birthdays, DYR posted some great pics and info about John Hughes and Molly Ringwald.

Ghostbusters - What's The Damage? - CinemaSins YouTube Channel
 - This video was actually posted back in January, but had to share with all of the 30th anniversary talk I've came across this year. These "damage" vids can also be fun little recaps of the movie.

'Beetlejuice 2': Michael Keaton Says Tim Burton Is In, And So Is He - MTV
 - From the recent interview, it sounds like the talks are open for the sequel to move forward with Keaton stating "I always said that's the one thing I'd like to do again, if I ever did anything again."

Vintage Electronics Art and a Contest! - Branded in the 80s
 - Shawn has found some awesome prints of classic handheld electronic video games and is hosting a contest to win the print of your choice!

We say hell yes to this Knight Rider movie with Danny McBride - io9
 - Yes, the rumors are circulating that we could get a new Knight Rider movie in the future. Sources for this article attach a writer and potential actors to the Weinstein Company project.

15 Things You Might Not Know About Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure - Mental Floss
 - Hard to believe this movie is 25 years old. If memory serves me correctly, I watched it for the first time with a neighborhood friend when it came out on home video.

19 Times Mister Rogers Proved He Could Do Anything - BuzzFeed
 - A great series of GIFs that puts Mr. Rogers talents on display. The set will retail for $50 and feature Ecto-1 and four minifigs.

LEGO Ghostbusters Set Revealed at ToyFair New York - LEGO CUUSOO
 - We've seen pics of just the prototype set until ToyFair this past week when the final LEGO Ghostbusters was revealed.
Devo Guitarist Bob Casale Dead At 61 - Rolling Stone
 - Hate to end on a sad note, but news just broke yesterday that guitarist Bob Casale who was a founding member of Devo suddenly passed away. He had played with the band from their inception in 1973 all the way through their recent tours. I was never a huge fan of the band, but have the deepest respect for their contribution to the new wave era of music.

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