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The Weekly Links: Skeletors At Play, Full House Reunion, Back To The Future Musical (For Real!)

It's time once again for your weekly dose of links about our favorite decade! But before I get to those, I thought I'd invite everyone to connect with RD80s social media. Over the past couple weeks, I've noticed a pretty large influx of followers on especially Facebook and Twitter (I still update Google Plus too!) RD80s is approaching 2,000 followers on Twitter and 3,500 likes on Facebook! Wow! I might not always have a post for the blog but I am on social media daily interacting with my fellow '80s lovers. I like to share links, but seems everyone has been appreciating the other '80s memories like the #NameThatToon photos and full music albums on YouTube. I usually post to all three social media sites, so feel free to join in the fun with me on your favorite social site!

This week's Video of the Week should come as no surprise. Since posting on Superbowl Sunday just three days ago, Radio Shack has received over 1.7 million views for its popular ad! In cased you missed it on Monday, I posted some behind the scenes material including a short documentary and photo tweets from the actors.

TWL Video of the Week
"The Phone Call" - Radio Shack YouTube channel
 - I'm always excited to hear about new toys based on '80s franchises. The design photo looks pretty cool!

The Real 1980s East Village Building From 'Batteries Not Included' - Gothamist
 - Here's a quick history lesson on the famous building from Batteries Not Included (which I definitely need to rediscover now!)

Skeletor Voice-Actors Alan Oppenheimer and Brian Dobson Play With Their Toys - Topless Robot
 - I thought this video was hilarious! How much fun would playtime be if you voiced a famous character from a cartoon? And you could totally mess with your kid relatives...

Which ’80s Pop Hit Are You? - BuzzFeed
 - I always like taking these little quizzes. I scored George Michael's "Faith" on this one which I guess means its time for me "to pick my heart up off the floor?"

Pac-Man Museum and Ace Combat to launch in February - Polygon
 - If you are on the Playstation Network or Xbox Live, you'll be able to play a wide variety of Pac-man games at the end of February. Also, there is some free content available now.

"Full House" Guys Reunite On Jimmy Fallon - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel
 - Courtesy The Hollywood Reporter, I was made aware of this video and it was definitely in the running for TWL Video of the Week. I hope Jimmy continues the nostalgia factor when he switches over to the Tonight Show.

New Paintings from the Third Series of ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Trading Cards - Laughing Squid
 - These are awesome! The Voltron one is my favorite. Be sure to check them all out on the artist's blog.

Cher's 2014 tour to include Pat Benatar, Cyndi Lauper - Stuck in the '80s
 - This sounds like an awesome retro concert with three of the biggest '80s ladies!
I want these Donatello sneakers right now - io9
 - HOLY CRAP. Even though they are custom, how cool would it be to walk around in TMNT kicks?

Cobra-bunga! These Custom G.I. Joe-Themed Ninja Turtles are Supremely Radical - UnderScoopFire!
 - And speaking of our ninja kicking heroes in a half shell, check out these custom figures that mashup TMNT with G.I. Joe!

‘Back to the Future’ Musical Heading To London’s West End - Billboard
 - Wow. There was a fake musical that I've featured on TWl before that even had a video, but this sounds legit!

 - This looks like a promising solution to be able to play all your old console games from the mid 80s to early 90s. There is a retro console currently available on Amazon that plays all three that I've had in my wish list for awhile, but it sounds like the company behind this new system is doing it the right way.

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