The Weekly Links: Fletch Reboot With Jason Sudeikis, Underwater Rubik's Cube Solving, Kevin Bacon Promotes 80s Awareness

Welcome radical readers to another edition of The Weekly Links! I've been traveling over the last few days so haven't been able to complete some blog posts I have in the queue. One I'm looking forward to sharing is a book review of a fun '80s memoir I finally completed on a plane yesterday. Als have some music related posts so stayed tuned to the blog over the next couple days.

But with me taking the break, the good news is the 80s articles continued to pour in from other websites over the past week. Thanks to io9, I stumbled onto a video about a subject I wrote for The League awhile ago. Tom Selleck was recently on The Late Show with David Letterman and discussed his take on being the original choice to play Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. His interview was my choice for the TWL Video of the Week...

TWL Video of the Week
"Tom Selleck's Indiana Jones Audition"
 - A chat with Spielberg's assistant led to some great photos. I actually found one of these pics (and more) when I put together my post on the Goonies' school teacher Rhoda Fine.

NBC Comedy Pilot ‘Money Pit’ Pushed - Deadline Hollywood
 - Good news for those of us who believe this remake would be a total "disaster."

Jason Sudeikis in Talks to Star as Fletch in 'Fletch Won' (Exclusive) - The Hollywood Reporter
 - Sounds like the Fletch reboot will not be along the lines of the Chevy Chase films and take more of a Beverly Hills Cop approach. If that's the case, this film might have a chance to succeed in not offending Fletch fans.

Kevin Bacon Schools Millennials on the '80s - Mashable
 - A close second to the Video of the Week was this "80s Awareness" video with Kevin Bacon. Atta boy, Kev, you tell those Millenials...

17 Examples of Totally Rad 1980s Box Art - IGN
 - I remembered most of these, with my favorite being the Skate or Die box. Loved that game!

Here Are 8 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About John Candy - UPROXX
 - Didn't know many of these facts which made it a great article commemorating 20 years since his death.

Record Breaker Kevin Hays Solves Three Increasingly Larger Rubik’s Cubes Underwater in Just Over a Minute - Laughing Squid
 - Show off!!!

Which "Golden Girl" Are You? - BuzzFeed Rewind
 - I took the quiz and got Rose. Was hoping my sarcastic wit would tag me for Sophia.

"Splash" 30th anniversary: interview with the young Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah - Noblemania
 - Splash turns 30 this year and Marc Nobleman sought out the actors who played the young versions of Hanks and Hannah at the beginning of the film.

Super Mario Bros. on Four Computer Monitors - Kotaku
 - Isn't this technically cheating? Well, guess it's still cool, even if it is. Easier to find the warp zones...

Mattel Wins 'He-Man' Ownership Lawsuit - The Hollywood Reporter
 - Original comic book writer Donald Glut was trying to "cash in" on the upcoming Masters of the Universe film project according to the article. Can't blame the guy for trying I guess.

Interview with Brian Grant, a top music video director during the 80s - Kickin' it Old School
 - Great interview with music video director Brian Grant who worked with Olivia Newton-John, Peter Gabriel, and Duran Duran to name just a few.

Aliens P5000 Powerloader Baby costume - Carsten Riewe Youtube channel
 - Finally, Kotaku and UPROXX turned me on to this video. Aliens fans will love watching this P5000 costume come to life with a baby seemingly at the controls.

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