The Weekly Links: Best Of Cartoon PSAs, Road House Infographic, Beck Covers 'Billie Jean',

This past week was a monumental for 80s nostalgia! Last Saturday, the truth about the infamous Atari landfill in New Mexico was revealed. I was embracing for another "Geraldo opens Al Capone's vault" moment but luckily the excavation actually revealed the most treasured video game garbage in the world. You can read my two cents here. Plus, just yesterday a new Michael Jackson song was revealed and a 32-year ban on arcade games was lifted in a small Massachusetts town (small for a reason.)

My favorite video from this past week is actually a few years old (but was new to me.) UPROXX reported that Adam Sandler is releasing a new movie next year based on a short film called "Pixels." This Sandler project will be the first in a long time that I might actually get excited for! The short film features classic video game characters pixelating the streets of New York. If he stays close to the original idea, this could be a very fun nostalgic movie.

TWL Video of the Week
"Pixels by Patrick Jean"

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  1. I wonder if I go to Marshfield if I'd even be able to find an arcade game...


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