The Weekly Links: Talent Show Teen Performs 'Billie Jean', Punch-tastic 'Road House' Montage, Rubik's Cube Turns 40

Another totally rad week of nostalgia has passed and The Weekly Links is back to wrap it all up for you! Here are some of the things I learned this week:
  • Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis confirmed they are truly outrageous.
  • Pac-man has been ghost chomping for 34 years and Christian Bale got paid to eat his cereal.
  • Basements everywhere will get cleaned out thanks to the "D & D" relaunch.
  • "Tab's got sass" in case you forgot.
  • Axl Rose is the greatest singer of all time and there's proof!
  • Many face punches were thrown in Road House.
  • Andre the Giant was a giant-sized party animal.
  • Grace Jones is elgible for social security.
  • There was quite a "celebration" when Wendy's debuted chicken nuggets.
I hinted at the TWL Video of the Week earlier this week on social media and it's still my favorite. I'm a sucker for those remixed PBS videos for Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow that went viral last year. With the same style, Pogo & Skye remixed Back To The Future this past week...

TWL Video of the Week
"Time Machine" by Pogo & Skye

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