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RD80s Challenge: '80s Military/War Movies

In honor of today being Memorial Day in the U.S., I thought a salute to military and war films of the '80s would be appropriate. Other than the Indianapolis 500 race, Memorial Day is usually an opportunity for cable networks to run military movie marathons. So let's just see how many '80s movies we've seen.

'80s Military/War Movies
I've compiled a list of 32 feature films released in the '80s that are set during war or feature military action (I decided to leave out the comedies/satires.) Take the RD80s challenge to see how many you've watched and then post your score in the comments below or share with your Facebook friends from the List Challenges site.

My score: 16
I've seen half so guess that's not a bad score. Most of the ones I've seen had box office success, so I guess I need to seek out some of the lesser known films.

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  1. 5 for me!
    Definitely not my preferred genre.

  2. 28, I have always been a fan of the genre. I'm going to guess that since you said the oes you watched were the successful ones that you haven't partaken of the Norris flicks from this list which were some of my favorites as a kid, guns and `splosions!

    1. I've seen a good bit of the Norris flicks, not the sequels. Been meaning to watch Iron Eagle again.


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