9 Times '80s Icons Plugged Their Own Toys In TV Commercials

The '80s knew how to sell some toys, didn't they? It was almost unfair to us Saturday morning kids who were practically hypnotized by the toys ads that were shown during our favorite cartoons. What was really unfair though was when the toy companies got the icons themselves to plug their own stuff! It was like a subliminal message saying "buy this toy and your favorite character will show up at your door to play with you." 

Here are 9 instances where '80s icons plugged their own toys in TV commercials and sent us children of the '80s in a frenzy to beg a parent or find a Sears Wishbook...

WWF Wrestlers
If you were a WWF fan like I was as a kid, you'll remember it was almost guaranteed that you'd see a wrestler in any toy commercial. Many wrestlers were featured in several commercials showcasing the action figure toy line.

And don't forget the infamous VCR game pitched by the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Michael Knight & K.I.T.T.
David Hasselhoff and William Daniels (Michael Knight and the voice of K.I.T.T.) were both used to promote the Knight Rider Impossibles Set. Although 'The Hoff' claimed the set "could do things even K.I.T.T. couldn't do," I'm pretty sure we would've traded in our set for the real thing.

Sgt. Slaughter & 
William "The Refrigerator" Perry
Two special G.I. Joe action figures were produced via mail-in forms for Sgt. Slaughter and William 'The Refrigerator" Perry...and they both were featured in the TV commercials.

As lazy as Garfield is, I was surprised to find him promoting the "Talking Garfield" plush toys. I guess even Garfield will get out of bed to make a few extra bucks on some plush toys.

The Smurfs pretty much self-promoted all their stuff in '80s commericals including their pasta, cereal, and the "Sit N' Spin Smurf Around."

Do you remember any more commercials with '80s icons pitching their own toys? Leave a comment!

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