The Weekly Links: Reading Rainbow Returns, Wonder Years Reunion, WarGames Remake Gets Writer

Another link-tastic week has past in the world of '80s nostalgia and The Weekly Links is back to sum it all up for a Little Professor calculator! Here is the grand total of what I learned this week:
  • Reading Rainbow should have never went off the air.
  • Steve Perry and Phil Collins both came out of retirement...and both sounded a little rusty.
  • Billy Idol's biography is coming soon, "Writing With Myself" would be my guess at the title.
  • Viral videos of teenagers dancing to your song at talent shows =  More time on Billboard chart.
  • Drinking with the Golden Girls has never been more fun.
  • "Ghoststoppers" and "Ghostblasters" were alternate names for Ghostbusters.
  • Science is easier to understand using video games.

This week's Video of the Week came courtesy Mashable and features some great facts about Mario and how he came to be. For instance, I had no idea he was the result of Nintendo failing to make a Popeye video game. Apparently, Donkey Kong was originally supposed to feature Popeye trying to rescue Olive Oyl from Bluto. Learn more by watching the video below and enjoy the rest of this week's links!

TWL Video of the Week
"10 Curious Facts About Mario" by AllTime10s YouTube Channel

These Early Potential Versions Of E.T. Are Pretty Freaky - io9
Doc Brown makes a cameo appearance in ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ — VIDEO - EW PopWatch

Video Games
See Philosophical Concepts Explained With Zelda, Mega Man, and Contra - io9
If Grand Theft Auto V Were Made In The 80s - Kotaku
What Today's Biggest Mobile Games Need Is Ugly '80s Box Art - Kotaku
10 'Tetris' Covers That Will Get Stuck in Your Head - Mashable
The Making Of Starglider - Retro Gamer Magazine

The Popdose Interview: Debbie Gibson - Popdose
How Eels Got Steve Perry to Sing Live Again: 'It Was Such a Beautiful Moment' - Billboard
34 Hip-Hop Facts That Will Make You Feel Old - Buzzfeed Rewind
Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' Returns To Hot 100; Legend Lands 50th Hit - Billboard
Axl Rose Responds to List Calling Him 'World's Greatest Singer' - Rolling Stone
‘Enjoy the Science’: 8-Bit Operators give Depeche Mode a chiptune makeover - Slicing Up Eyeballs
Billy Idol Autobiography Gets Release Date - Billboard
Watch Phil Collins Sing 'In the Air Tonight' for First Time in Years - Rolling Stone

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