Netflix '80s Fix: A September To Remember

Labor Day is gone and fall is just around the corner (I hope!) Let's take a look at what's new on Netflix to get us through these dog days of summer! 

The lineup this month includes some memorable comedic films that will find laughs at home, on summer vacation, down under, outer space, and even during war. Action stars will also be protecting the President and entering kickboxing tournaments. If it's romance you want, you'll find it at a naval officer training school and on a deserted island.

Plus, the '80s Pop Twenty and usual features return this month for some added Netflix fun. Time to get your September fix!

Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)
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When his manic radio show proves a morale-booster, an Armed Forces Radio DJ gets sent to Vietnam, where his act lands him in trouble with superiors.

When I heard that Robin Williams passed away, this was the movie I wanted to watch first. To be able to laugh in a time of war is an amazing thing.

Summer Rental (1985)
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When an overworked air-traffic controller goes on vacation with his family, a series of zany mishaps makes the retreat anything but relaxing.

Not one you normally think of when listing John Candy films, but still has some great laughs that can relate to some of our own family vacation memories. Jack Chester may not be Buck Russell or Del Griffith, but he still John Candy.

Spaceballs (1987)
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In this spoof of the Star Wars trilogy, the nefarious Dark Helmet hatches a plan to snatch fetching Princess Vespa and steal her planet's air.

And speaking of John Candy, Spaceballs is back on Netflix after a short hiatus. I can't think of a better movie with flying Winnebago's, virgin alarms, and jammed radar.

Mr. Mom (1983)
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When Jack is laid off at the car factory, his wife takes a job at an advertising agency and leaves Jack at home to raise the kids.

I've grown to really love this movie over the years. We dads take "mom's work" for granted so much and even though this movie is over 30 years old, it still shows how difficult the balancing act of being a mom is.

Crocodile Dundee (1986)
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It's a clash of cultures and a recipe for comedy when a crocodile hunter is plucked from the Australian outback for a visit to the Big Apple.

The sequel (which I prefer) has been on Netflix for quite awhile and I was wondering when they would add the original. I've always liked "Mick" Dundee, except for when he went to L.A. that one time. Not because I watched it, but because it was made in the first place.

An Officer and A Gentleman (1985)
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Dreams of being a Navy pilot prompt Zack to enroll in officer training school, where he runs afoul of a drill instructor who aims to change his ways.

This movie has no where else to go but in your queue. (Okay, that was a bad joke) To be honest, I'm not sure I've ever watched this movie beginning to end so it might be time to check it out.

The Blue Lagoon is newly available for romance fans. Action movie buffs will enjoy Bloodsport and Assassination. Other films include Ordinary People, Young Sherlock Holmes, and The Presidio

'80s Pop Twenty
Here are the 20 most popular '80s movies currently available on Netflix. Very little movement from last month as you can see, but I bet some of the new movies added will make an impact next month.

  1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (4th consecutive month)
  2. The Untouchables (-)
  3. Ghostbusters (-)
  4. The Breakfast Club (-)
  5. Big Trouble in Little China (-)
  6. Das Boot: Director's Cut (-)
  7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (-)
  8. Manhunter (-)
  9. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (-)
  10. The Thin Blue Line (-)
  11. Clue (-)
  12. Romancing the Stone (-)
  13. The Great Outdoors (-)
  14. Day of the Dead (-)
  15. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (-)
  16. Trading Places (-)
  17. Adventures in Babysitting (-)
  18. Beverly Hills Cop (-)
  19. Say Anything... (+1)
  20. Heathers (-1)

Overlooked and Underrated...

The Care Bears Movie (1989)
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The Care Bears live and play together in a country high in the clouds. But they also care for the children on Earth and come to help when needed.

Did I really go there? Yes, I did. We recently put it on for my young daughter's benefit, but I think me and the boys were more interested. It doesn't compare to like a Disney classic, but it was the animated beginning of the popular plush toys. There are many similarities to the Smurfs which helps plus the evil spirit villain is surprisingly scary for a "teddy bear" movie.

If you've missed a previous month's post, check the Netflix '80s Fix archive. Some featured titles could still be available to stream. Also, feel free to comment with any movies or shows you've recently rediscovered.

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