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The Weekly Links: Voltron At 30, NES-Themed 3DS Released, Married With Children Reunion

Welcome retro-junkies to another edition of The Weekly Links! It's once again time to look back at the '80s-related nostalgia in this past week's headlines. Most of my week was spent finishing up episode 2 of the Rediscover The 80s Podcast which is now live! I hope everyone will get a chance to listen this weekend and tell me what you think! But that wasn't all that was on my mind. Here's a few things I learned this week:

  • UHF is getting the 25th anniversary Blu-ray treatment at Shout! Factory on Nov 11. Preorder from their site now for $19 and get it shipped two weeks early plus a free poster!
  • RIP actor Richard Kiel who is known mainly for his role as Jaws in two James Bond films from the 70s. He also appeared in several '80s flicks including Pale Rider and Cannonball Run II.
  • These skateboards inspired by covers of blank VHS tapes are pretty thrash-worthy.
  • Pee-Wee Herman initially voiced Roger Rabbit.
  • Voltron turned 30 and my bud Wyatt gave us a little history lesson.
  • Today's teenagers are practically clueless about that gray box known as the NES.

The video of the week was a tough call but I'm a sucker for a good cover track. I'm also easily amused so when UPROXX featured this guy covering Nina's "99 Red Balloons" (or Luft Balloons if your German) with actual red balloons, I was in '80s melodic heaven.

TWL Video of the Week
"99 Red Balloons - played with red balloons." 
by Andrew Huang

Here's the rest of this week's links. If I missed something, feel free to add in the comments!

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Where Are They Now: The Sad and Hilarious Downfall of All of Your Favorite 80s and 90s Cartoons - UnderScoopFire!
Back to the 80s: Muppet Babies debuted in 1984 - Kickin' it Old School
Currently Being Pitched: A ‘Married … With Children’ Spinoff About Bud Bundy - UPROXX



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