'80s Cartoon Villains Posterized In Basketball Fan Art

The NBA kicked off a new season last night and I was pleased to find some appropriate and unique fan art this morning in my feed. Both Geek Tyrant and Neatorama have recently posted stories on Andy McDonald's art featuring '80s cartoon villains in slam dunk poses. I felt like I needed to do the same here on RD80s as a basketball fan and of course '80s enthusiast.

Andy's art really brought me back to a time when Sports Illustrated posters and a Nerf basketball hoop were hung on my bedroom walls. His drawings are really fun and show Skeletor, Mumm-Ra, Megatron, Krang (my favorite), and Cobra Commander in NBA Jam style poses. Check them out below and also visit Andy's Whiskey Mech blog for more great art!
All images courtesy Whiskey Mech
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