Black Friday Deals For '80s Lovers On Your Shopping List

Black Friday is here and I've tracked down some deals online for the '80s enthusiast on your shopping list (or perhaps yourself!) I'm on Amazon all the time so I usually try to share TV and movie deals throughout the year on RD80s social media, but today I've gathered them all here! I also know of a few great places online to find '80s-themed gifts, so hope some of the deals below will help save you some time in line the holiday season! (Prices good as of 11/28/14 11am CST.)

Blu-ray Movies
Spaceballs 25th Anniversary Edition ($4)
The Terminator ($4)
Platoon ($4)
The Princess Bride 25th Anniversary Edition ($4)
Hoosiers ($4)
Bull Durham ($4)
Aliens ($5)
Legend of Billie Jean Fair is Fair Edition ($5.19)
RoboCop Unrated Director's Cut ($6)
E.T. Anniversary Edition Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy/UltraViolet ($10)
Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy ($22)
Chucky: The Complete Collection Limited Edition ($36.61)

DVD Movies
The Princess Bride ($2)
Halloween II / Halloween III Double Feature ($2)
Trading Places ($3.75)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off ($4)
Die Hard ($4)
George C. Scott: The Last Days of Patton ($4)
Caddyshack ($4)
The Goonies ($4)

DVD TV Boxsets
Dennis The Menace Animated - Vol. One ($7)
The Facts of Life - The Complete First & Second Seasons ($7.60)
Married With Children - Season 1 & 2 ($7.79)
The Ray Bradbury Theater: The Complete Series ($8)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series ($9)
Bravestarr - The Complete Series ($12.07)
The Dukes of Hazzard Animated Series ($20)
Roseanne: The Complete Series ($25)
Highway to Heaven The Complete Series ($25)
21 Jump Street: The Complete Series ($25.50)
Hunter The Complete Series ($36)
She-Ra: The Complete Series ($47)
Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary Collection ($56)
Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Series ($76.50)
Black Friday Sale Up To 50% Off
National Lampoon's Vacation Advent Calendar ($4.49)
Atari Playing Cards ($5.49)
ReAction Figures ($9 each)
Ghostbusters Slimer POP Vinyl Figure ($9)
Black Friday Deals 50% Off With Code: OMGBFFBFS
Clearance Section With T-shirts As Low As $2
New Arrivals As Low As $10

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