The Weekly Links (Thanksgiving Edition): Super Mario On DWTS, Salt-N-Pepa Push Geico, Ewok Adventure Turns 30

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Welcome to a special edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! Instead of the usual Friday appearance, I decided to roll out the links on a silver platter for you on Turkey Day! Please be safe if you are traveling this weekend and also be mindful of the other crazy, sleep-deprived shoppers should you venture out on Black Friday. And speaking of Black Friday, come back tomorrow as I will be skipping the retail shopping craze and instead posting deals on as many '80s-related items I can find on Amazon and across the web!

Today is Thanksgiving and I wanted to offer up the '80s Thanksgiving specials and videos I've found one more time for your viewing enjoyment. Earlier this week, I dug into the dark past of Black Friday to remember the Cabbage Patch Kid riots of 1983 and the craziness that was "Doll Mania." It's still insane to think the lengths at parents and collectors went to adopt one of those dolls. Also this past Saturday morning, I continued the Saturday Morning Cartoon Fix series with Kidd Video. This mid '80s series has sadly never been released to DVD, but thankfully, full episodes can still be rediscovered on YouTube!

My favorite video this week came from Dancing With The Stars when they brought Super Mario and friends to life! I don't usually watch the show so when this warped into my Facebook feed, I was very pleased! Check it out!

TWL Video of the Week
"Sadie & Mark's Freestyle" by Dancing With The Stars
Ridley Scott Won't Be Directing Blade Runner 2 After All - io9
Check Out Mark Hamill Talking About George Lucas’ Plans For ‘Episode VII’ Way Back In 1983 - UPROXX
Paul Rudd Had Long '80s Hair Back When He Was A Frat Bro - Gawker
'Gremlins' Star Zach Galligan Regrets Leaving Hollywood... and Not Dating Phoebe Cates - Yahoo! Movies
Newswire: Marvel is bringing back Howard The Duck - The A.V. Club
20 Important Life Lessons “A Christmas Story” Has Taught Us - BuzzFeed Rewind
A Movie Mashup of Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘The Land Before Time’ - Laughing Squid
Atari documentary director: 'We were worried we wouldn't find anything' - Mashable
Are these the top 10 Christmas movies of the 1980s? - Stoke Sentinel

Salt-N-Pepa Teach People to 'Push It' In New Geico Commercial - Billboard
Go Inside Willie Nelson's Quaint, 1980s-Era Tour Bus - Rolling Stone
Top 5 albums of the '80s - The Concordian
Band Aid 30 years later: 3 things you didn't know about 'Do They Know It's Christmas' - Stuck In The 80s
Billy Idol glad the '80s had no social media - 3News
Do You Know All The Lyrics To Beat It? - PlayBuzz
Kool & the Gang on 'Keeping the Brand Alive,' the Origin of 'Celebration' and Being the Most-Sampled Band in History - Billboard
25 Years Ago: Rush Close Out the '80s With the Transitional 'Presto' - Ultimate Classic Rock

Optimus Prime is even blockier than usual made out of Lego - io9
The 1989 Sears Wish Book! - Dinosaur Dracula
These 80s Inspired T-Shirts Are Totally Rad To The Max! - Neatorama
Garbage Pail Kids Products Coming From Funko - Toy News International
Personal Computers In The 1980s: The Faces And Sensations That Made Us All Triangle Drawing Nerds - Flashbak
11 Defunct Breakfast Cereals Based on TV Shows - mental_floss
Gigawatt The Time Former - An 80s Kid's Dream Come True - Neatorama
Which Year Of The '80s Are You? - BuzzFeed Rewind
80s hairstyles you can't believe you had - GoodToKnow
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