Infographic Shows How Much Our 80s Toys Have Appreciated

If I had a nickel for every time I wished my mom had not given away my action figures, I would be a rich man. I guess that's the price you pay for attending a college away from home. But maybe you were more lucky than me. Maybe your parents have saved all of your 80s toys in a cardboard box and kept them in their attic or basement all these years. Well, according to a new infographic, now may be the best time to go digging for that box and make a little money for Christmas presents! has just released a new "1980s Cash In The Attic" infographic that shows how much we (or our parents) paid for our '80s toys and electronics back in the day and how much they are worth now. Most of us probably don't have these mint in box but it's crazy to think how much people are willing to pay for pieces of nostalgia is pretty amazing. Take a look below at the gold mine you could be sitting on!

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