NBC Devotes New Website To It's Classic TV Shows

With the availability of classic TV shows on streaming services seemingly in jeopardy from month-to-month, NBC has taken the initiative to keep its classic shows available for free anytime. Full episodes of our favorite '80s shows like Knight Rider, The A-Team, Miami Vice, Airwolf, Simon & Simon, Charles In Charge, and more can now be found on the newly launched NBC Classics website. If you've got the NBC app on your phone or tablet, you can also now watch The Incredible HulkThe A-TeamMiami Vice and Knight Rider on there as well!

NBC Classics also has gone social! Subscribe to the YouTube channel for intros, trailers, and classic moments. You can also expect some mashup videos and exclusive content in the near future. Also check out the NBC Classics Tumblr Blog, follow @NBCClassics on Twitter, and like the official NBC Classics pages for Miami Vice, The A-Team, and The Incredible Hulk on Facebook to keep tabs on your favorite classic shows.

Kudos to NBC for keeping classic shows alive and joining the online retro community!

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