The Weekly Links: Anime Ghostbusters, Netflix For Vinyl Records, 30th Anniversaries in 2015

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! Some great stuff going on behind the scenes here at RD80s. I've put some steps in motion this week to make 2015 a great year with more still planned!

I've dabbled with graphic design over the years, mainly for images to display on RD80s. I have come up with several designs for t-shirts and stickers, but I've never been happy with the online prices. This week I decided to launch my first crowdfunding design in order to help keep prices down and still offer up some ideas I've got sitting in my nostalgic brain. My first offering is a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Goonies! The 30 Years of Never Say Die! T-shirt has been successfully funded for printing so if you'd like one, the deadline to order is Jan 19th. Thanks to those who purchase one (or more) and I'm looking forward to offering up more in 2015!

I also debuted two new feeds this week for deals/contests/news on '80s collectibles! I see awesome stuff across my feeds everyday so I felt the best way to pass it along was to create an off-shoot of RD80s called "Rad! '80s Stuff". You can like on Facebook and/or follow @Rad80sStuff on Twitter to get the inside track on toys, t-shirts, movies, and more to add to your collection!

And even with all that going on this week, I managed to post the January edition of Netflix '80s Fix which features some great movies and a couple new TV shows. I also made a small contribution to 50 Nerdy Things to Look Forward to in 2015 on UnderScoopFire! including what I deem to be the coolest DeLorean Time Machine toy I've seen and some awesome 3-inch G1 Tranformers figures.

My favorite video this week was courtesy MoviePilot and imagines the Ghostbusters in the style of 1980s anime. Pretty good chance I would've watched even had it been in Japanese...

TWL Video of the Week
"Tokyo Ghostbusters - The 1980s Anime" by Nacho Punch

Enjoy the rest of this week's links!!

All the Superheroes Sing on 1980 Brazilian Bozo the Clown TV Show - Topless Robot
Back to the 80s: Interview with Christine McGlade from You Can't Do That On Television - Kickin' it Old School

30 Things Turning 30 in 2015 - mental_floss
10 Fabulously Insane '80s Golden Globe Winner Getups - HitFix

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  1. Congrats on the shirt!
    Great links (again) especially the YCDTOTv interview!
    And OMG the Cybertronics! How have I not heard of them before?!?


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