The Weekly Links: Legend of Zelda TV Series, Spaceballs The Sequel, Flynn's Arcade Gets Lego'd

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! Just when you think you can't top the previous week, nostalgic news slaps you in the face! There is so much packed into this edition that you better bring a doggy bag.

My week started off with accepting a challenge from Man Crates to fill a crate full of retrogaming memories. I think I succeeded. It was really fun to basically trace my own personal timeline of video game history and try to capture the items to put in my keepsake crate. I also posted the first RD80s toy review and giveaway! Thanks to our new pals at Entertainment Earth, I got my hands on an awesome Terminator 2 T-800 action figure and posted a video with some added footage from the movie. Check it out and enter the giveaway before this Monday on RD80s or our new sister site Rad Retro Stuff.

My favorite video this week was probably the easiest choice I've ever made. If your not one of the 20 million viewers who've watched it yet, it's the sketch reunion of "Saved By The Bell" that appeared on the Tonight Show. The only cast members who didn't appear were Screech and Lisa and as my wife mentioned, it might be because Mr. Belding ate them (Belding laugh.) Check it out!

TWL Video of the Week

"Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with 'Saved By The Bell' Cast"

by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Now, belly up to table as I serve up this week's smorgasbord of links!!


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