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Retro80s SoundCloud Sampler: April 2015

Whether you label it "retrowave", "retrosynth", "outrun", or "Miami Vice soundtrack music" (as my wife calls it), no other style of music comes close to taking me back to the synthisized rhythms of my favorite decade. It's been awhile since I put together a sampler on SoundCloud so it's time to get back in the groove!

This month I've found 10 retroworthy tracks from some familiar artists and also a few I've just discovered. Headlining this month's sampler is the title track from Quasars new EP Queen of Aerobics. I've really enjoyed their sound and featured them on the RD80s podcast. The EP is available now for FREE on SoundCloud so go get it! Also featured this month are recent tracks by Starforce, Maya, Vector Hold, Supervillain, Rad Universe, Shock Stalker, Occams Laser, Meninbeltsweaters, and Sunglasses Kid.

Stream this month's sampler below or download all tracks for FREE on SoundCloud. Don't forget to follow RD80s while you are there. Enjoy!

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