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Retro80s SoundClound Sampler - May 2015

More new music that sounds like old music is here with the Retro80s SoundCloud Sampler for May 2015. 10 new tracks are featured in this month's playlist including one from a free compilation album. 

Artificial Afterlife Compilation by Aphasia Records is now available on Bandcamp as a free download and is compiled by one of my favorite artists Starforce. They state "as music enthusiasts we decided to gather our idols together and create an epic album with their music. This is a homage to the artists who have pushed us forward during the last years. Here we are showing the sounds that inspire us. A big thank you to the artists for contributing your amazing music to the album. Now, let the music speak for itself." The final track on this month's sampler is by Sebastian Gampl and is featured on the album. Highly recommend checking it out this month.

This month's sampler also features tracks by Cleeve Morris, VHS Dreams, Pulse 80, Housetronaut, Terrorvision, Sub Morphine, Red Marker, Cebit, and Home. I will warn that the Cleeve Morris track opens with a scene from Robocop with explicit language in case you have sensitive ears.

Stream this month's sampler below or download all tracks for FREE via SoundCloud or Bandcamp. Don't forget to follow RD80s on SoundCloud while you are there. Check out my likes for all the tracks I find throughout the month.

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