Breakout, Tetris, Dig Dug, And More Spotted In New 'Pixels' Featurette

A new featurette on the upcoming Pixels movie gives a look behind the scenes and also director Chris Columbus take on staying true to the video game characters. And speaking of those characters, I spotted several more in the new video including Breakout knocking down the Taj Mahal, Tetris leveling a skyscraper, and a Rygar dragon from Dig Dug and Joust wreaking havoc downtown.

Another featurette on Ashley Benson character "Lady Lisa" has also been released which gives her back story. Plus, another short trailer titled "Making Contact" released last week shows even more characters like Paperboy. 

The more videos I watch, the more I'm getting excited for Pixels release on July 24! Who's with me??!!

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