The Weekly Links: He-Man Reboot Gets New Writer, Behind The 'Pee-Wee's PlayHouse' Title Sequence, LEGO Ideas Stay Puft Reaches Goal

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! I didn't get a chance to post links last Friday so I'm back this week with a double dose of dated decadence!

Mental Floss released some facts about The Neverending Story this week and it inspired me to rediscover the film with my kids. I had been cautious about showing it too early to them (now 10 & 8) mainly because of the nightmares I had as a kid. Well let me tell you know, probably the worst part of the film was watching the dated animatronics of Gmork (the wolf.) The boys really weren't scared at all which was kind of a relief. It's still a great film and after the recent experience, I honestly wouldn't mind a remake just to update the special effects. Recent reports have told though that it's not likely the rights will be obtained, so our childhood memories should remain preserved.

I've added several new articles since the last Weekly Links, so here's what you might have missed:

My favorite video this week comes from The Gaming Historian and features his review of The Unofficial Game & Watch Collector's Guide. I remember these LCD games well as a kid. I know a friend of mine had one of the Game & Watch games and I had many others myself like Burgertime. Yeah, watching a book review is kinda boring but for some reason I really enjoyed the history lesson about Nintendo's early entries into the video game market. I think you'll enjoy it too...

TWL Video of the Week
"The Unofficial Game & Watch Collector's Guide Reviewby Gaming Historian

Enjoy the rest of this week's links!!


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