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Phil Collins Recreates Album Covers For Reissue Campaign

Phil Collins is set to kickoff his "Take A Look At Me Now" reissue campaign this November which will include two of his eight solo albums. His 1981 solo debut Face Value and Both Sides from 1993 will be re-released on double CD, digital download, and 180-gram heavyweight vinyl.

Each album will be remastered and include new artwork in which Collins will recreate the iconic images from the original covers. Additional tracks will also be included from live concerts and demo recordings intended to show the evolution of his songs.

As a fan of Collins and both of these albums, I will definitely be adding both to my Christmas wish list. I experienced mainly the singles from Face Value until the early 90s when I finally bought the complete album. So many songs with great piano work. Both Sides was one of the soundtracks of my senior year in high school. I took that cassette everywhere, in the car and on basketball road trips. That summer after I graduated, I saw him on tour and remains my favorite concert to this day. It started with an incredible drum solo and ended nearly 3 hours later with "Take Me Home" while we walked back to our car.

Here are the track listings for both albums, the exclusive boxset containing both, and pre-order info:

Face Value: Deluxe Edition

1. "In The Air Tonight"
2. "This Must Be Love"
3. "Behind The Lines"
4. "The Roof Is Leaking"
5. "Droned"
6. "Hand In Hand"
7. "I Missed Again"
8. "You Know What I Mean"
9. "Thunder And Lightning"
10. "I'm Not Moving"
11. "If Leaving Me Is Easy
12. "Tomorrow Never Knows"

Bonus Tracks

1. "Misunderstanding" - Live
2. "If Leaving Me Is Easy" - Live
3. "In The Air Tonight" - Live
4. "Behind The Lines" - Live
5. "The Roof Is Leaking" - Demo
6. "Hand In Hand" - Live
7. "I Missed Again" - Live
8. "....And So To F" - Live
9. "This Must Be Love" - Demo
10. "Please Don't Ask" - Demo
11. "Misunderstanding" - Demo
12. "Against All Odds" - Demo

Digital Download on iTunes

Both Sides: Deluxe Edition

1. "Both Sides Of The Story"
2. "Can't Turn Back The Years"
3. "Everyday"
4. "I've Forgotten Everything"
5. "We're Sons Of Our Fathers"
6. "Can't Find My Way"
7. "Survivors"
8. "We Fly So Close"
9. "There's A Place For Us"
10. "We Wait And We Wonder"
11. "Please Come Out Tonight"

Bonus Tracks

1. "Take Me With You"
2. "Both Sides Of The Story" - Live
3. "Can't Turn Back The Years" - Live
4. "Survivors" - Live
5. "Everyday" - Live
6. "We Wait And We Wonder" - Live
7. "Can't Find My Way" - Demo
8. "I've Been Trying"
9. "Both Sides Of The Story"
10. "Hero" - Demo


If you want both albums, you can get the Take A Look At Me Now Collector's Edition Boxset

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