Retro80s SoundClound Sampler - September 2015

Discover more new music that sounds like old music with the Retro80s SoundCloud Sampler for September 2015! This month's playlist features 15 new tracks from the realms of retro synthwave music.

I've found several new artists this month like Do Nothing Club and ORLAC which are included in the September sampler. I also found a new track from one of my favorite artists, the Quasars and thoroughly enjoyed the lead track from Sebastian Gampl featuring Tommy Reeve. Gampl has become another favorite of mine, especially his tracks with vocals like the latest "No Lookin' Back." The September sampler also includes tracks by Omniplexx, Three Chain Links, Nightcruiser, AKIRA, TDF8, Emil Rottmayer, Crystal Bear!, Robert Parker, and Neon Talk.

Stream this month's sampler below or download all tracks for FREE via each artist through SoundCloud. Don't forget to follow RD80s on SoundCloud while you are there. Check out my likes for all the rad tracks I find throughout the month.

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