Achieve Your New Year's Resolution With Full-Length '80s Fitness Videos On YouTube

The fitness craze of the '80s and early '90s produced an insane amount of workout videos. Fitness experts like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda as well as top celebrities like Cher and Arnold Schwarzenegger released workout routines that we could use from the comfort of our own homes. The craze influenced popular culture enough to impact the Top 40 with songs like "Physical" and even reach kids with TV shows like Disney's Mousercise.

As we all make our New Year's resolutions this year, I thought putting together a playlist of full-length '80s & early '90s fitness videos currently available on YouTube might encourage some people to go retro! I've compiled 30 total videos that range from bodybuilding with Dolph Lungren to letting off some steam with Alyssa Milano. You can experience Tai Chi with Kung Fu's David Carradine, have fun with Fun House Fitness, get funky with Marky Mark, or use the lazy man's Couch Potato Workout.

Scroll through the embedded playlist below and "retrocise" this year!

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