Recurrent Events 12/18/15: Hasbro Multi-Universe Film Project, 'Fuller House' Teaser, 'Thriller' Now 30x Platinum

Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the Recurrent Events! I "hope" you enjoyed the Star Wars articles posted this week and I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from everyone as they experience the new film this weekend.

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Headlines discussed this week include the Independence Day: Resurgence trailer, Speedy Gonzales movie, Hasbro Multi-Universe Film Project, Thriller 30x Platinum, and T2 3D re-release. Guests are Erik Tukey (@boulderhillnet) and Wyatt Bloom (@infamouswb).

Most of this week's content was Star Wars related, so if you aren't a fan I apologize. But it was really fun to put together and if you are a fan, check out any you might have missed:

Call me a sucker for Star Wars (your a sucker for Star Wars!!!), but my favorite video this week came to me via Pajiba and features the Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast with Tonight Show peeps doing an a cappella medley of themes. It was just fun and made me smile.

Video of the Week
"Star Wars" Medley (A Cappella)" by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Here are the rest of the Recurrent Events for Dec 11, 2015!

Paramount and Hasbro are making an '80s toy cinematic universe - The Verge
Here’s The Odd Way Audiences Experienced ‘Clue’ 30 Years Ago - UPROXX
'Ghostbusters' and 'Top Gun' Among the National Film Registry's 2015 Inductees - mental_floss
The Guy Who Took Out A Full-Page Ad To Pitch A ‘Die Hard’ Sequel Got A Movie Deal Out Of It - UPROXX
‘Ghostbusters’ Character Posters Are Visual Equivalent Of Crossing The Streams - Deadline
Here’s the first official image of the new Ghostbusters - A.V. Club
Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant' just cast a Queen of Earth in the lead role - HitFix
Here's What The Star Wars "Jedi" Line Looked Like In 1980s Times Square - Gothamist
15 Rad '80s Artifacts Spotted in Tina Fey & Amy Poehler's Movie 'Sisters' (PHOTOS) - The Stir
'X-Men' And 'Batman V Superman' Trailers Redone In 90s Cartoon Style - Pajiba
‘Terminator 2’ Is Getting The 3D Re-Release Treatment In 2016 - UPROXX
A top 10 list of Christmas tv-movies from the 1980s and 1990s - Chicago Now
Mark Wahlberg Confirms He’s Still In For ‘Transformers 5’ - UPROXX
10 underrated reasons 'Clue' is to die for - HitFix
Back To The Future Part II: behind the scenes pictures - Den of Geek
Speedy Gonzales dashing to the movies - Den of Geek
‘Urban Cowboy’ Pilot Not Going Forward At Fox - Deadline

Watch The 25-Year-Old PC Version of Super Mario Bros. 3 In Action - Kotaku
The Strong museum accepts trove of '70s and '80s Atari artifacts - Gamasutra
Block Sliding Cute-Em-Up ‘Waimanu Scary Monsters Saga’ Released For Sega Master System - RetroCollect
Unreleased ‘Star Raiders II’ For Atari 8-Bit Shared Online By Original Developer Aric Wilmunder - RetroCollect
How two chemists wound up creating the classic '80s RPG Dungeon Master - Gamasutra

Destroy Stay Puft Like a Ghostbuster With This Marshmallow-Scented Candle - Gizmodo
TEST YOURSELF: How Well Do You Know These 80's Toys? - PlayBuzz
The Last Goodbye: The People We'll Miss the Most from 2015 - HitFix
Do You Know How Huge Return Of The Jedi Was In The 1983 Wish Book? - Retroist
Kay-Bee Toys’ 1991 Holiday Clearance Sale! - Dinosaur Dracula
CHiPs Diecast vehicles - Plaid Stallions
How Star Wars' Insane Toy Frenzy Changed Movies Forever - io9
Jay Leno Test Drives a Life-Size Version of the Hot Wheels Darth Vader Character Car - Laughing Squid
Check Out These Smurfy 1985 Wish Book Pajamas! - Retroist
Woman’s Day Magazine Scan: December 1985 - Flashbak
Hop Into the Dorbz Ecto-1 and Take Down the XL Stay Puft! - Funko
Celebrating Fright Flicks Trading Cards! - Horror Movie BBQ
Look At All Of The Masters Of The Universe Goodness In The 1985 Wish Book! - Retroist
Vintage AT-AT Comes To Life With The Help Of An Xbox Controller - Kotaku

If you missed last week's wrapup or podcast, visit the Recurrent Events archive!

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