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Recurrent Events 1/29/16: DeLorean Back In Production, Mean Joe Greene Reunites With Coke Kid, Nicktoons Movie

Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the Recurrent Events! In case you don't follow RD80s on Twitter or Tumblr, you might have missed that I joined Vine! I've been messing around alot with GIFs and creating some supercut videos for YouTube that I finally decided to check out Vine. It makes it easy to share those short type of videos and I've been reposting them to Twitter and Tumblr so hopefully you'll follow RD80s on Vine. You can also find all of the social media links to RD80s in the footer of the website.

I've decided to put the Recurrent Events podcast on a short hiatus. Long story short, my weeknights have been more hectic lately so I might move the recording time to the weekend and release the podcast separate from the website roundup. I'm trying to work out the details, but please stay subscribed to the podcast on your favorite app like StitcheriTunes, and TuneIn. We'll get back on track hopefully in the near future!

I'm also going to launch a couple giveaways before too long so be on the lookout to win some free stuff! I managed to publish a few articles this week so go check out any you might have missed:

The most retro and rad video I watched this week came to me via the A.V. Club and shows Vin Diesel pitching Street Sharks figures. I don't know who has it in for Vin with all these throwback videos of him like breakdancing and stuff, but PLEASE DON'T STOP.

Video of the Week

Here are your Recurrent Events links for Jan 29, 2016!

All The Stuff Disappearing From Netflix In February, Including ‘The Hurt Locker’ And ‘The Terminator’ - UPROXX
China’s DMG Inks Deal With Hasbro To Launch First ‘Transformers’ Live Action Attraction - Dealine
Which Romantic 80's Movie Should You Star In? - PlayBuzz
Abe Vigoda Dies: ‘The Godfather’ & ‘Barney Miller’ Actor Was 94 - Deadline
'Blade Runner 2' is happening - and Harrison Ford will return as Rick Deckard - HitFix
Why the 'Masters of the Universe' reboot may have finally found the perfect director - HitFix
David Bowie's 'Labyrinth' to Get Reboot With 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Co-Writer (Exclusive) - THR
Labyrinth: a new film is coming, but it's not a reboot - Den of Geek
19 Shadowy Facts About ‘Batman’ - mental_floss
Sony snares a new screenwriter for its animated Popeye movie - A.V. Club


Hey Doc! The DeLorean is Going Back into Production - Nerdist
Scooby-Doo, Space Ghost, Flintstones Get Comic Reboots - Vulture
Bagel Bites: In Case You Wanted to Eat Pizza Anytime - Pop Rewind
New 2016 ThunderCats Panthro & Pumyra Figures Revealed - Toy News International
Top 10 Best American Sports Cars of the '80s - AutoGuide
Kenner Spotlight: Hooray For The Police Academy! - Horror Movie BBQ
Madballs From The 80's & 90's Reimagined As Mondoballs - Toy News International

If you missed last week's wrapup or podcast, visit the Recurrent Events archive! [full_width]
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