Burt Reynolds Introduces A Limited Edition 2016 Bandit Trans Am

Trans Am Worldwide has brought Pontiac out of retirement for a special production run of limited edition 2016 model cars. Produced using a Chevy Camaro SS as its base, a total of 77 cars have been built to commemorate the movie series that first brought them to life, Smokey and the Bandit. The 1977 film was the 2nd highest grossing movie that year (Star Wars) and spawned two sequels in the '80s.

The Bandit, Burt Reynolds himself, was brought in to introduce the newly redesigned car and autograph each one. All the classic details were brought back including the gold firebird hood, T-tops, and snowflake wheels. A few modern touches were added like a brand new logo and 840 horsepower (a slight upgrade from the 185 HP in the original.)

The price for all this nostalgia and owning 1 of only 77 total? According to the Inquisitir, $115,000. (Sally Field not included.) If you want just a base model, expect around $70,000. But if you are going to pay that much, why not just get what you really want! Watch the introduction video below featuring Burt Reynolds...

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