The Evolution of Ghostbusters Costumes (Infographic)

As Lewis Tulley says in Ghostbusters II, "I was born to wear this stuff." With the premiere of the new Ghostbusters movie just a few days away, just posted a fun new infographic of Biblical proportions. You might remember the Evolution of Back to the Future Costumes that they created for BTTF Day last year. Well this time we take a look at the costumes of the Ghostbusters!

The new infographic takes a look at the original Ghostbusters film, The Real Ghostbusters animated series, Ghostbusters II, and the new film. Call me crazy but the dark blue uniforms from the sequel might be my favorites. Of course, the original color scheme is instantly recognizable, but something about the blue scheme seems to appeal more. The Real Ghostbusters uniforms always looked like pajamas to me and the new ones for the ladies look more like something modern firefighters would wear. Anyway, check out the infographic below and tell me which Ghostbusters uniforms are your favorites...

The Evolution of the Ghostbusters Costumes
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