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Han Cholo Offers The Most Powerful Bling In The Universe

Most of you know I scour the web for retro content to share each week. On occasion, I'm lucky to be contacted directly and have the rad stuff come to me! Such is the case with Han Cholo custom jewelry designs. The company was started in 2002 by Brandon Schoolhouse who formerly worked with The Beastie Boys and their Grand Royal record label. Brandon also learned to DJ and referred to himself as "Han Cholo."

After parting ways with Grand Royal, Brandon started making his own jewelry from things that inspired him personally like Sci-Fi movies, Los Angeles street culture and the Rock-and-Roll lifestyle. He managed to procure some celebrity clientele and really got noticed after Brad Pitt wore one of his rings on the cover of People magazine with Angelina Jolie. From there, Han Cholo jewelry was born and the company has created iconic pieces over the years from different licenses like Disney, Dreamworks, Nintendo, Hasbro, Hot Wheels, MTV, and now Masters of the Universe!

The most powerful bling in the universe includes five unique designs, my favorite being the Battlecat double ring set. You can also find He-man's power sword as a pendant or earrings. If you prefer the bad guys, check out Skeletor's havoc staff cuff and a Tri-Klops ring that will turn some eyes. The Battlecat ring and Power Sword pendant come in both stainless steel and silver to make these pieces affordable for any budget. Check out all the Han Cholo MOTU pieces available now.

Han Cholo has many more official licensed and custom pieces to offer beyond He-man's grasp. I've highlighted some favorites above from the selection currently available online. Force Friday isn't that far off and fans will love the Star Wars collection which includes a carbonite Han Solo pendant. The Voltron ring and Blazing Sword pendant can defend any wardrobe. There are many options for retrogamers like the Sega Genesis controller and arcade machine pendants. If fantasy is your thing, check out many pieces from the original Clash of the Titans film including a glorious Cyclops ring. Music fans will love the ghettoblaster and turntable pendants.

Browse the complete Han Cholo online catalog now and be sure to follow them on InstagramTumblr or Pinterest for more great images from their collection. Be sure to tell them that RD80s sent you! 

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