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The New Teddy Ruxpin Comes With LCD Eyes And 4GB Internal Hard Drive

Wicked Cool Toys has developed the '80s animatronic wonder bear Teddy Ruxpin into a modern technology marvel. According to Toy News, the newly redesigned story-telling bear will come with LCD eyes, a 4GB internal hard drive and Bluetooth technology. Teddy will also come with 40 animated expressions and a free app that will allow children to read along with smart devices.

No more cassettes to load and play. The new Teddy Ruxpin is simply activated by touching his paw. You can also squeeze his foot for a sing-along. The Mommy and Gracie Show recently got an exclusive demo from Wicked Cool Toys which expects Teddy to be available August 2017. [UPDATE: Now available for preorder at Entertainment Earth!]

What the video below to see the new Teddy Ruxpin in action...

via Toy News

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