Memory Jogger Podcast Episode 5: VHS Recordings

In episode 5 of the Memory Jogger Podcast, Jason & Wyatt discuss their VHS Recordings through the years after digging through their actual libraries. We talk about our first interactions with a VCR up through the last shows/movies we remember taping. After listening to the show, interact with us in the comments below and we'll follow up on our next show.

Episode 5 Mentions and Name Drops: Nickelodeon, William Christopher, M*A*S*H, Carrie Fisher, The Blues Brothers, The Burbs, Save Betty White From 2016, Prince, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, George Michael, AT&T TV Commercial, Harry and the Hendersons, The Dirt Bike Kid, BASF, The Three Stooges, L.A. Lakers, Airwolf, Gilette Foamy, 1992 NBA All-Star Game, Robotech, The Little Rascals, Donald Duck, Kidsongs, Alice in Wonderland, James Bond, Planet of the Apes, SNL, Problem Child, Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, My Two Dads, Step By Step, Viper, In Living Color, Highwayman, The Simpsons, Beavis & Butthead, 1991 MTV Video Music Awards, Married... With Children, Batman TV Series, Looney Tunes, TNN, Pink Panther, Walker Texas Ranger, Get Smart, Night Court, Johnny Carson, American Gladiators, Voltron 3-D, NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Blockbuster, Star Wars, Disney, Transformers: The Movie, G.I. Joe: The Movie, WPIX, Crazy Eddie, Short Circuit 2

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