Recurrent Events Update: 'Overboard' Remake, 'Joshua Tree' 30th Anniversay Edition, Larry Hama Action Figure

Welcome to the Recurrent Events weekly news update for retro pop culture headlines, links, videos, and more! I've expanded the Recurrent Events topics once again to include comics. I've really dug into comic books over the last few years and since I get stories from several outlets each week, I thought I'd create a section of the update just from comics news.

A new Memory Jogger Podcast is coming next week. Wyatt and I took an extensive jog down memory lane and relived our school experience. We took a mental tour of small school and told stories from practically every classroom from 4th grade to high school. Like I said, we went a little longer than usual but I hope you will find it entertaining.

On a personal note, I'm up to season 2 now in my quest to rewatch the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero series. Great to see the new characters introduced including my favorite Low Light. I also hosted a retro game night with a few local buddies last night and there is nothing like having a couple TVs side-by-side with some NES and Sega Genesis action. It's these kind of things that help me stay in the '80s!

Here's are some RD80s articles posted this week in case you missed them:

I was a huge fan of Hootie & the Blowfish in the '90s and Darius Rucker seems to be a perfect match for John Mellancamp and CMT's Crossroads series. Rolling Stone led me to this awesome performance of the 1983 hit "Little Pink Houses"...

Video of the Week

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The Future of Televisions as told from the 1980s - TVOvermind

Got a link or know any active retro pop culture blogs/websites that are worth including with the Recurrent Events? Leave a comment so I can add it to the mix! If you missed last week's news update, visit the Recurrent Events archive.

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