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Watch Mr. T Cha Cha to the A-Team Theme on DWTS

Mr. T is on the 24th season of Dancing with the Stars and performed for the first time last night. His partner Kym Johnson is a 2-time DWTS champion so he will get all the training he needs for the upcoming dance war. Going back to his '80s roots, the couples' first routine was doing the cha cha to the original A-Team theme by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter. The performance even includes "B.A." entering the dance floor from his black, silver, and red-striped van. 

This is only the 2nd DWTS performance I ever remember watching as I'm not a fan of the show (the other being Ghostbusters from a few years ago.) For what it's worth, I thought it was great to see Mr. T having fun. The stage and backdrop were probably my favorite part of the performance. Cheers to DWTS for getting me to check it out, but I'll leave it to my RSS feeds to update me on the competition moving forward.

Check out Mr. T's performance below...

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