'80s Turnin' Turbo Toy Converted To Mini 'Out Run' Arcade Game

One of my favorite all-time video games is Out Run. It's one of those games that instantly takes me back to the '80s and trips to the arcade at the local mall. Racing games were always appealing to me, even the little electronic games like Tomy's Turnin' Turbo Dashboard. Now, thanks to modern gaming technology like raspberry pi and UK hacker Matt Brailsford via Circuit Beard, Out Run and the '80s toy are now one.

This fun mod caught my attention on Twitter today and had to get the scoop on how it was created. As you'll see from some the images below, Brailsford took the original toy and challenged himself to integrate its features with that of the Out Run game. The speedometer, gear shift, ignition switch, and of course, the steering wheel are all interactive parts. And the icing on the epic buld cake is custom Out Run stickers!

The whole building experience is blogged on Circuitbeard if you want all of the technical details and specs to try it yourself (if you are mechanically inclined!) Watch the Out Run Turnin' Turbo Dashboard in action below and follow Circuitbeard on Twitter for more video game mods...

Image credits: Circuitbeard
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